There Is win An iPhone 5s Apple UK Phone Up For Grabs To One Lucky Winner!

Do you feel lucky? Well if you like to test the odds, and electronics are your point of weakness, then you make want to try your luck to win a iPhone 5s because there is a chance to win an iPhone 5s brand new if you enter the right online contests!

Yes that's right, you can read that sentence again – you can win a 16gb iPhone 5s and keep that Apple UK iPhone 5s all to yourself if you enter and win!

So why not see if you really are lucky, and enter to win an iPhone 5s Apple UK today?

How Do I Win?

There is no guaranteed way to win an online competition. But you can enter for the chance to win that iPhone 5s just by doing an online search and finding out what kinds of competitions are out there in the UK that are giving away such a great prize. The best part is that there are usually a few different competitions giving away the same sort of caliber prizes, so you can enter each one! Truly – there is no limit to the number of online competitions you can enter, so take advantage and start compiling a list of potential contests!

Re-Enter to Increase Your Odds!

Another rule that does not generally exist with online contests – although check each contests' specific rules just to make sure – is that you don't have to enter a contest only once. This means you can greatly increase your odds of winning a given contest and taking home that iPhone 5s by re-entering your information into each contest time and time again – every day if you are allowed to! It does not seem like too much to ask for a contestant to spend an extra ten minutes per day submitting their entrant information into an online competition that may reward them with a free iPhone worth hundreds of pounds.

Enter and Win!

So, compile yourself a list of online contests giving away iPhones and other Apple products as prizes, and start entering today! By remaining focused and consistently re-entering your information each and every day that you are allowed to, you may find yourself in possession of a band new iPhone that you received absolutely free!

And what have you got to lose anyway? The amount of time it takes to enter an online contest is no more than the time it takes for the water to bill for your morning tea. Use that time more productively by increasing your chances to get your hands on a free phone!

Dont Miss Out On The Competition Prize By Failing To Follow The Rules

To redeem your prize in certain competitions, you may need to send proof of purchase. You could lose out on your prize by failing to read the small print. If you have blatantly ignored the small print, you may not even make it to the judging stage.

Whether you're looking for it or not, competitions are pretty much everywhere these days. Free competitions are on social media websites, in your email inbox, in newspapers, on the TV and inside supermarkets. Keep your eyes open for opportunities and seek out competitions which require more effort. Your odds of winning are drastically improved when you enter competitions that other people are ignoring. Some housewives enjoy comping as a means to make extra money in their spare time.

Those who have been made redundant also enjoy to spend their free time comping to make the most of freebies whilst they're out of work. In comping, it is very important to stick to the rules at all times. It is very important to read the small print and ensure that you abide by the rules. You could easily lose out on a prize by failing to read the small print.

Martins Top Tips On Competitions Ending Soon

Some of Martin Dove's top prizes have includes a racehorse and a private yacht. Martin Dove is keen to share his top tips and often gives other compers advice on how to win big.

Martin Dove, a well seasoned comper, believes that comping is no longer in the golden age that it once was. Martin Dove used to use intellect to answer difficult questions and come up with witty tie breakers. Those who are dedicated to comping enter hundreds of competitions on a regular basis. The most dedicated compers achieve success due to the sheer amount of time put into entering free competitions.

The phrase comper refers to people who systematically enter free competitions, putting in hour after hour each week. A huge number of compers stand by the fact that their hobby is like a full time job. In this modern age, most compers focus on the internet, as they mainly enter online competitions. However, Martin Dove bucks the trend and still enjoys entering free competitions found in crisp packets and on cereal boxes.

Why Have Christmas On A Budget, Use Vouchers To Your Benefit

Every single year, Christmas appears to come around quicker than ever before, putting many of us below economic anxiety. Nonetheless, it is possible to delight in Christmas on a budget.

Next, don't get any unused vouchers go to waste. Should you have previously been given vouchers as a gift, why not use these to help with the expenses of Christmas?

A technique to save income on online purchases is to use a website like CashBackKing. These internet websites give back a certain percentage of your spend once you click by means of their web site to get to an online shop. First and foremost, a small goes a long way. Put a little money away every week.

Draw up a list of all the food and drink that you need for Christmas and stick with it, do not get won over by impulse buys at the supermarket. If you are being super savvy, you can put your food shopping into a comparison internet site to work out which supermarket is the least expensive choice.

How to Win A iPhone 5s

How to do it…There is a vast array of online competitions that allow anyone in the UK to win iPhone prizes. It is as simple as entering the competition with your details, and you could be on your way to winning a brand new, 16gb Apple iPhone 5s, as well as other iPhone prizes.

Previous winners…

• Cameron Sharp won a brand new iPhone 5s after entering an online competition. All he had to do was enter his name and details and submit, and as a result he now has a 16gb iPhone 5s! Now he has been enjoying his prize by using his iPhone to listen to his favourite music without any trouble, and to write and record songs on song-writing apps he has downloaded.

• Radwan Zahed entered a competition he saw through Facebook. He says "I only saw it after a friend shared the competition on my Facebook page, so I signed up and now I can't believe it but I have a new iPhone 5s." Radwan signed up after he saw it shared on his Facebook homepage – Apple advertised that they were giving away 1000 Apple iPhone 5s'. "I thought 'why not, I won't lose anything by signing up, it's worth a shot' and now I'm finding it much easier to speak with my friends and family back home." Radwan has been using his new iPhone to contact his family and friends who live in Saudi Arabia through apps such as Whatsapp and Skype.

• Amber Wright signed up to a competition through and was delighted to win a 16gb Apple iPhone 5s. Amber is a big fan of online competitions; she talks about how she finds them: "I'm used to searching the web for competitions – to be honest, I'm a little addicted to them." Amber has an account on and regularly checks through the updated site. "I love checking out what new offers there are – I didn't expect to win anything like an iPhone 5s though!" Amber has been using her new iPhone to play games such as Candy Crush and to socialise with her friends through Facebook and Twitter.

Entering and Exploring Online there is a great variety of competitions, and they are very easy to enter. Usually, all you have to do is submit your name and details, either once or as an account, and then you will be on your way to winning not only the iPhone 5s, but other iPhone prizes and other general prizes too.

Online competitions include…
… and many more!

How To Win Free Prizes….By Entering Numerous Competitions UK

You should be pragmatic always. When you’re on a losing streak, that doesn’t mean you won’t have another win. Always bear in mind that there is not sure fire way to be successful at comping but you can up the odds in your favour.

If you do the math, getting into as numerous competitions as attainable is going to give you the greatest success. So find many time to dedicate to discovering new competitions, a few hours per week is enough. You should make comping friends to help you find new competitions UK. Social media like Facebook is another way to keep yourself ahead of all of the latest competitions.

You should never waste a competition entry. Entering competitions quickly, make sure you don’t enter the wrong answers. Always take the time to double check. Although several compers claim that they enter competitions for a living, others are a tiny sceptical. Many comping fans state that comping is essentially a way to get some extra bonuses.



You Could Be Heading For A Purple Patch With The Best Competitions UK

If you do the math, joining as quite a few competitions as feasible is going to give you the greatest success. Therefore, whenever you get a spare couple of hours, dedicate them to sourcing the best competitions and stepping into them.

People have extremely diverse views on "comping". By stepping into the best competitions UK on a typical basis to the point that it stops being a hobby and can become more like a job, you are doing what is known as comping. Ensure that you never waste an entry. Sometimes when you enter competitions in bulk, you accidentally enter the wrong details. Double checking your entries can really pay off.

Being pragmatic at all times should be important. Don’t worry if you have not won for a while, a wining steak is round the next corner. Remember there are not really any skills involved in entering competitions; however you can increase your chances. Find the comping communities and make friends to find competitions. Finding new competitions on Twitter and Facebook is another way, where you can share with your comping friends too.

Some individuals claim to make lots of income getting into competitions online though for others they are not so sure it is feasible.

Making Cool Cash With New Competitions

£20,000 in cash, extravagant weddings, five-star holidays, and £10,000 in Tesco gift cards, somebody has won all of this and more. All this comes from “comping”, a hobby that can come with many rewards.

It is probable, but not simple to win luxurious gadgets, fancy trips, or a lot of money, and the best part is, it does not cost you a cent.

The reason companies do this is simple. They use it as a inexpensive method of putting their eyes out in the public spotlight. Giving away a £3,000 Maldive trip is less expensive than putting an ad that will get a customers attention in a nationwide newspaper. These giveaways also give the company an opportunity to get feedback on who could be possible future customers, and it is easy to see why these contests are very popular. What exactly is comping?

Comping is mostly about what time you put into it, regularly entering many free new competition contests, instead of entering one every now and then. If you do this, you are statistically more likely to win contests. Depending on what your work ethic and luck are, you could get a house full of furniture, travel around the world, and put a lot of funds in your bank account. What exactly do you have to do when you comp?

Usually, all you have to do when you are comping is fill out an online form or send in a postcard through the mail, at times answering a question or a tie-breaker. Money savers have also received other prizes in these contests.

Other prizes that people who comp have won are laptops, passes to movie premieres, luxurious breaks, and iPods. These prizes cannot be taxed, so unlike other income you have, the government cannot take their share of it. People who do a lot of comping have to know that you do instantly win and that you will not become rich right away or at all.

It is important to know that like it is said in Europe that you will not be sitting on a bed of fifty notes right away. Unlike other ways to make money such as survey sites, selling items on auction sites like Ebay, making money on the internet, there is no assurance that you will win anything. It does help to have a positive attitude about comping.

It does help to think of a comping as a possibly rewarding hobby, instead of a job that grossly underpays you. Think of comping as something you enjoy, instead of a way to lose money that you may win. You will put a lot of time into it, the money returns are not great, and your bum will hurt at the end of the day for sitting for long periods of time. That being said, for those who get hooked on comping, those drawbacks do not matter to them, as they relish the spirit of community on the board and the chance of many winnings that they may receive. It is also nice to dream of all those great prizes. Here are testimonials from people that won big from comping.

“I won £20,000 and my rent was paid for two years!” While it is not believed that comping is not guaranteed, some encouragement that people do win does help.

One member of a forum won £20,000 and a BMW. “Never give up hope. People laughed at me and my “little wins.” Guess who is laughing now. Keep comping everyone.”

“Just won a £17,000 wedding, including a honeymoon in Dubai and platinum wedding rings. Whoo-buzzin!” -PINKHearts

“I’m still in shock. I had a call yesterday to say that I had won £22,000, a trip to New York City for four, and a private Great Gatsby screening. So grateful for this life-changing prize.”-yummama

“I started in May 2011, and I have already won a trip to Las Vegas, worth £3,000, gadgets worth £26,000 (including a Bang and Olufsen home theater and Canon SLR camera). I’m hooked!”

“The trip to Vegas was amazing. We got to stay at the MGM, go quad biking across the desert, front row to Cirque du Soleil and a helicopter trip over the strip. We got picked up by limos everywhere.”-mrsmcrobert Sometimes, you cannot enter a contest more than once.

Some companies do not allow people to enter a contest more than once. To see if you entered that contest, click on the tick button at the bottom of the post. The next time you come back to the board, it will show a green tick by that comp. You can also press X to skip that contest. You have to be a member of the board and log-on to be able to do this. Be sure to read all the rules that go along with each comp because each one has different rules. There are other guidelines that you should follow.

Create an email account just for these comps. If you don’t, your regular email box will become full of spam. Only enter contests with prizes that you actually want to win. Be considerate and ethical when entering comps, do not enter it with the plans of selling the prize, when someone else who is entering really wants the prize. Enter a lot of contests, especially ones where you have to mail them in and answer questions. You never know, you may be the only one who took the time to enter.

Enter more than one contest at a time by having more than one web page open. Fill out a form with your regular contest entry information, so that you have it ready when you are entering contests. You can also use Autofill, which most internet browsers have. You can also autohotkey, which types in your information when you speak to it. If you are entering by email, have a template form ready for these entries.

For mail entries, have labels printed out on your postcard, therefore your mail is one step closer to being ready to be mailed. Be sure to reply to emails that tell you have won. Wait patiently for your prizes, they could come the next day or sometime the next year. Regularly, the postie shows up with a parcel (which makes mail time very exciting). At times, you have to go to the website and check and see if you won. Be sure to post in the boards that you won. As I mentioned before, the more you enter the comps, the more likely you are to win them.

Here are some of the best ones we have found for you to enter:

Predict To Win- Choose 6 Lucky Numbers and if you get them all right you will Win an Audi! click here

Prizestore: There are loads of competitions to enter on this site where you can win an assortment of fantastic prizes! click here

PSG: When you register for this site you will automatically be entered into a competition to win £1000! Members benefit from exclusive products offers to test and keep!

UK Competitions: This website has a list of loads of current competitions from all over the net. Registration is free and comes with benefits such as access to the latest competitions

Competitors Companion: Again, loads of competitions on here to enter. Find some you like!

My Offers: There are tons of fantastic prizes to win on this site when you take quick short surveys! For every entry you will get a further entry into an annual sweepstakes where you could win a fantastic car!

TopFox: Top Fox is a free to enter UK prize draw site where you can win an assortment of prizes! click here

Loquax: There is a large list of different UK competitions for you to enter on this competitions website, there is a competitions chat room and forums for you to chat to other compers.

Win4Now: Thereis an extensive list of UK prize draws available on this competitions site. If you want to enter a whole host of different online competitions, this is the place to do it!


“In one year, I won £1,713 worth of prizes. For those prizes, I put in 1,500 hours or four hours a day.”
“I enter on average 50 to 500 comps per day and have calculated my win rate being 1/1,000 comps entered. Seeing this worked at £1.14 per hour, it is only worth doing if you enjoy entering comps.”

If you enter comps on a regular basis, and follow the other tips and guidelines I mentioned, you could have a better chance of winning comps.

Tips On How To Compare Medical Insurance

There are a few tips you need to have in mind when planning to compare medical insurance. It goes without saying that medical cover is very important and you really have to identify the right service provider to cater for your needs. The secret is to come up with a selection process aimed at getting a reliable insurance firm.

Referrals can be of great help during the initial stages of the search. In fact, you should look for as many referrals as possible as they can save you plenty of time and effort. All you need is to talk to a couple of people who have medical cover and ask if they can recommend a reliable firm. You can also go through referral sites and read blog posts on reviews.

Find out what the costs are before making a choice. This means that you should look at a number of policies and compare the rates by different providers. Always try to work within the limits if your budget and look for a company that will offer good cover at an affordable rate.

You should also take up the challenge to learn a few things about medical insurance cover and the laws governing it. This is a very important part of the process and it will equip you with the knowledge to understand the industry and the logistics involved. Learning some of the insurance terms and procedures for stating a claim are some basics you should have at your fingertips.

Ensure the firm you are about to choose is legitimate and has a valid license to offer such services. The best way to do this is by going through license records just to be on the safe side. Well, such records can be easily obtained and you will probably need just a couple of minutes if they are available online. You will be missing out on the opportunity to benefit from professional services by overlooking this task.

The firms experience in the industry is also a predictor of service quality. Look for a company that has been in the business for quite some time and has specialized in medical insurance. This raises the chances that you will get professional service and advice from highly competent and well trained personnel with expertise in the field. This is why it is advisable to choose a well-established firm.

Before making your choice, it is advisable to arrange a meeting with the representatives of a few potential firms. Get to know the service providers much better and assess whether they are able to meet your expectations. The tip is to prepare well and be ready with a list of questions that will guide you through.

The firm’s track record also speaks for itself. Talk to the previous or existing clients of a service provider you would like to hire and get their opinions. With such information, you are better placed to choose wisely. As long as you have carried out proper research and compare medical insurance services carefully, there is nothing to be worried about.

E-cigarettes and quitting smoking: The benefits to Your Health Insurance

Many Britons are turning to electronic cigarettes to cut down and eventually quit their smoking habit. Needless to say, those who succeed will be rewarded by vast improvements in their health, a longer lifespan and a reduction in private health insurance premiums.

Over the years, the nation has seen a wide variety of quit smoking products on the market, from the obvious nicotine chewing gums and patches to more niche products such as mouth sprays which make the taste of smoke unbearable. In more recent years, electronic cigarettes – also known as E-cigarettes or E-cigs – have offered a realistic alternative to smoking which has aided many smokers to quit.

Electronic cigarettes are currently available in supermarkets, newsagents and online. It has been announced this week that as of 2016, electronic cigarettes will become a fully regulated and licensed quit smoking aid, similar to a medicine. Electronic cigarettes are operated by a battery and require the user to charge it up on a regular basis. In three years time, we will see doctors prescribing electronic cigarettes to their patients in an attempt to help them to quit. Smokers who quit will find that their health improves by the day and they will have access to lower private health insurance rates.

Some may wonder just how safe electronic cigarettes are; afterall, you are still inhaling vapours into your lungs. The NHS has described electronic cigarettes as “the lesser of two evils”. Therefore, it should be used as an alternative whilst you wean yourself down to smoking nothing; it is not to be used as a lifelong replacement.

The key reason why electronic cigarettes are less harmful than cigarettes is their lack of tobacco. Tobacco is one of the most harmful elements of a cigarette, so in smoking an electronic cigarette, you are completely avoiding this carcinogenic substance. However, electronic cigarettes do contain nicotine which is highly addictive. Smokers get the nicotine hit that they need from a cigarette, without inhaling the toxic tobacco. Electronic cigarettes are not completely free from toxins. A study by a US company discovered that electronic cigarettes do contain cancer causing chemicals, however, they are 0.01% of that found within cigarettes.

Some people find motivation to quit smoking for their health. Others concentrate on the financial benefit. For those who are motivated by the money that can be saved through quitting smoking, it is important to remember that you will also see savings in your private health insurance premium. Non smokers are viewed as lower risk than smokers, so once you have been a non smoker for twelve months, your private health insurance costs will significantly drop.